Fenghua municipal Party committee secretary Zhang Wenjie and other relevant municipal leaders and his party came to our research, and in-depth discussion with entrepreneurs.
In the forum pointed out that only the development of enterprises, local prosperity. Therefore, the government and enterprises in more communication, good service to the enterprise, but also set up can let there is more opportunity for communication between the enterprise platform, through the interaction between entrepreneurs, different ideas, resources, spirit and power together all entrepreneurs. In order to promote the development of science and technology enterprises, the government should have a complete system to promote the development of enterprises at different stages of development. To copy a good venture capital companies to support the investment model, with good venture capital fund to promote the transformation and development of high-quality enterprises in Fenghua. Departments at all levels should be made in the enterprise of good advice, ideas, ideas, implement one by one.
Next, the Fenghua science and Technology Bureau will continue to focus on business needs, give full play to the role of innovation platform, increase scientific and technological enterprises to support efforts to continuously improve the level of scientific and technological services.

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