For a period of three days (October 19-21) of the 2016 United States garden industry and Equipment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as: GIE+EXPO) in the United States KFC Kentucky home Luis Weil officially kicked off, the industry exhibitors from around the world to share a feast. American landscape and industrial equipment exhibition is the largest professional exhibition garden tools and garden equipment outdoor demonstration, exhibition to promote the exchange of small and medium-sized enterprises and first-class enterprises, and encourage innovation as the theme, display of new products, new equipment and technology, the field of green industry garden project. And through the industry development seminar, for the industry to provide a communication, cooperation, negotiation of trade opportunities, not only provides exhibitors display of corporate image and product brand image of the platform, also to provide opportunities to the different needs of customers. Thanks to the huge scale of the exhibition and its influence in the industry, has become the best choice for the U.S. industry manufacturers to display products, promote the brand.

In a move, the company attaches great importance to the GIE+EXPO exhibition. This year is even more so, the Ministry of sales from December last year began to prepare carefully, held several times during the exhibition will be held, booth program is also a few easy draft. 300 square super large exhibition booth program will eventually determine the booth area is divided into five major functional areas: product static display area, product dynamic physical experience zone, consulting service area, negotiation area and storage area. The subject is defined as the human energy change from Zuanmuquhuo, industrial revolution, fossil energy, today and future free electric era! In fact, early on and the theme of the booth design carefully consider changes, highlight the advantages of performance during the exhibition, a booth of customers and constantly.

The merchants in the L1 chain experience area measurement

The merchants in the L1 experience area measured mowing machine

The picture shows the merchants in the central product exhibition area to observe and consult

Visit the customer no matter what the time, in which functional areas, there will be an employee moving in the first time to communicate with them, listen carefully to customer needs, and patience to answer, enhance customer experience significantly.

This year's show also prepared a gift for children - a children's clothing! A future move people are happy to receive the gift.

Seemingly just three days of the exhibition, but the preparation, and the end of the exhibition venues to build after the show, no one can ignore. In the face of the challenge, every move a person out of the best state, we are very united.
As the industry's well-known lithium garden tool manufacturers, LERA machine tool with its advanced design idea, excellent product quality, excellent user experience worldwide, has been widely favored by domestic and foreign merchants. After the show has been determined to have a number of customers to visit the factory to negotiate, we are ready to meet the greater challenges.
LERA welcome you in Ningbo!

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